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5 reasons why partners decide to participate in the project:

  1. Architects are the intellectual and creative base for the world construction and architecture, which unite whole industries (trade, construction and finance). International contest Architectural Award is a midpoint of all these spheres.
  2. Architecture and construction are the most dynamic and democratic sectors or the world economy.
  3. Construction, architecture all these topics attract great interest in all social layers.
  4. Advertising and PR campaigns, organized for the promotion of the Architectural Award international competition, result in broad reach of highly professional audience.
  5. Partnership of international contest Architectural Award is the most effective method for investing in public opinion as well as the best method for successful positioning in business environment.

The essential:
International contest Architectural Award is socially significant and has a considerable advertising and PR potential.
Organizing Committee offers mutually beneficial collaboration to Architectural Award partners in this project.

More detailed information on partner programmes you can get here:

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